Kaspian vom Lambertshügel

GER Youth Champion VDH

GER Champion VDH

Danish Champion DKK

Kaspian vom Lambertshügel
Kaspian vom Lambertshügel, 4,5 years old


Name:            "Neo" Kaspian vom Lambertshügel

Geboren:        03.04.2010 in Kettig/ Germany

Rasse:            Belgian shepard- Groenendael

Größe:           62 cm, wight 24 kg

Hüfte:           A2 HD-frei, ED 0/0

Deckrüde:       since 19.05.2012 studmale at BSD e.V. Formwert: Exc.





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"Neo" Kaspian vom Lambertshügel " is a very friendly dog ​​with a very open, solid character. He loves people, is always friendly towards them, but attentive. There is no place and no event, where you can`t take him with you. A true, loyal friend. Nevertheless, he guarded house and garden with absolute obligation. During the walk he always take care of his pack and defends us in quite difficult situations. He is really our a soul dog !!!