About us

Here we are...

Stefnic`s Belgier
Stefan Prüter & Nicola Pfaff

We live with our kids in Marschacht, a small town near the river "Elbe".


Our herd consists of our groenendael male Kaspian vom Lambertshügel, groenendael bitch Revloch Cause for Applause und and our old lady dalmatian Mandy.


Our dogs are family dogs, they are with us to all activities and journeys. Especially running/ jogging is a great hobby for us, so Neo and Cira have to run beside us many kilometers ;-)


Our kennel:


Our breeding kennel is a little private kennel. Our dogs live with us in our house. Yes, sometimes we go to dog shows and sure, we were everytime very happy, when our dogs got an EXCELLENT, but our intention and our enthusiasm is to feel the great character, the intelligence and the charme of these very particular breed.


Our puppies will be born in our bedroom.They will be with us all the time in our house. After the first 2 or 3 weeks, they will change their little place in our living room and in the age of 4 -5 weeks, the whole nursery can exlpore the garden.


We try to get used the puppies to different sounds, bases, toys and different kind of feed, so that they are strong enough to leave our home with much self-confidence, socialization and much curiosity.