to our side "Stefnic`s Belgier"

            Grey and red puppies are expected in June 2018!!


New mating between Grimmendans Oiva & STEFNIC´S Belgian Saphira. Puppies are expected in June 2018. We expect grey and red Tervueren.

More infos unter E-Litter


Irielle gave birth to 5 healthy puppies. All puppies are spoken for!


GER/ DK CH. Kaspian vom Lambertshügel mated Inter.CH. Irielle von Eitzum! Puppies expected in the beginning of march! See here


We are happy, that we get the possibility to replicate the lovely B-Wurf between GER/ DK CH Irielle von Eitzum x GER/ DK CH Kaspian vom Lambertshügel! The litter is planned for the early 2018!

October 2016

All puppies are gone to their new familys!!

24. July 2016:

Yiiphhiii, Cira is pregnant! We are so happy!! More infos here.

21. Mai 2016:

New litter plan for August 2016 between our female Revloch Cause for Applause and Curtis von der Steinbeker Heide. More click C-Wurf

30. April 2016:

Great success of Neo and Iris offsprings. STEFNIC`S Billy Jean and STEFNIC`S Belgian Saphira got their first Ex1 in youth class BSD Speziale in Bebra. For more photos click here:

12. July 2015:

5 puppies were born. Mum and babies are fine and healthy! All pups are spoken for.

20. June 2015:

Irielle shows her baby belly :-)))

Everything is alright, the babys grow very well.

09. June 2015:

Yiippphiii, Irielle is pregnant!!!

We are so happy!

13. May 2015:

The  mating between Neo and Irielle is done. Hopefully we expect our B-litter in the middle of July!! 

05. May 2015:

Happy Birthday to our A-Litter! Today they celebrate their first birthday!!

21. April 2015:

We are waitung for Irielles heat. After the mating between Neo and Brooke at kennel "vom schwarzen Tornado" he is ready for his red love ;-) New pics from Irielle on her own side. Click here!

19. April 2015:

New pictures of our A-litter meeting and single photos of all boys from the A-litter.

20. March 2015:

New photos of the offsprings from Cira & Neo. STEFNIC`S ADDICTED TO YOU and STEFNIC`S ARMAGEDDON.

They grow up to really nice young boys!

13. March 2015:

Fantastic result for STEFNIC`S AL CAPONE at the Intern. SHow in Offenbrug. He got Ex1 in the Youth class and won BOB out of 20 Groenendaels. We are totally proud of him and his owners Mona und Hubi!

01. March 2015:

We changed our litter plans for summer 2015. We are happy, that we get the possibility, to make an intervariety mating between our Kaspian vom Lambertshügel and Multi CH. Irielle von Eitzum. More informations click B-Litter.

12. January 2015:

We made our decision!! He is the one :-) HADÈS DES PISTES NOIRES will be the sire of our B-Litter in summer 2015. 

02. January 2015:

Our next visit brought us to STEFNIC`S ACASHAR. He is really power rocket with a lovely heart! 

29./30. December 2014:

We visited STEFNIC`S AMADEUS and STEFNIC`S AVICII. It was amazing meeting them after a long time!

06./07. December 2014:

Nat.& Intern. Dogshow Kassel. Our Kaspian vom Lambertshügel won Ex 1/ CAC/ BOB and Ex1/ CACIB in championclass and Revloch Cause for Applause Ex1 /CAC and Ex2 Res. CACIB championclass. What a great success!!

08. November 2014:

The first international show our dogs in Herning (DK) was a great success! Both are now "Danish Champion"!

17. October 2014:

Kaspian vom Lambertshügel won the open class at the Bundessieger Show in Dortmund and get now the title "German Champion VDH"!!

13. September 2014:

One of our babies STEFNIC`S AL CAPONE has had the first success at his first show (BSD Speziale Göttingen)  He won the baby class and was shown like a profi ;-) New pictures!

19. June 2014:

All pics of our Black Boys. Click here

05. May 2014:

Cira gave birth to 8 black and healthy males!! We are very proud and happy!

Wurftagebuch A-Wurf

21. April 2014:

Happy Easter!! Ciras baby belly grows more and more. I`ve started to write a litter-diary. Unfortunately only in german :-(  If you are still interested please click here

A-litter Stefnic`s Belgier

02. April 2014:

We were at vet today. Cira is pregnant!!! Everything is alright, we are totally happy!!

Kaspian vom Lambertshügel

29./30. March 2014:

Our Neo got at the Nat./Intern. Dogshow in Berlin twive Exc.1 and CAC/Res.CAC. We are so proud!!

24. March 2014:

Next week (2nd of April) we will go to the vet for ultrasound scan. We are so excited!! Cira doesn´t show us her little secret. We have to wait still another week ;-)

16. March 2014:

Cira finished her heat. She sleeps a lot, but everything is normal. Neo is hungry again, so until Stefan visit the show in Berlin, he can gain weight ;-)) Tomorrow we will go to the vet for vaccination.

Mating Stefnics-belgier

06.+08. of March 2014:

The mating is done!! We are so happy! Kaspian vom Lambertshügel has mated our irish princess Revloch Cause for Applause. Fingers crossed, that the mating was successful.

28.February 2014:

Cira's hormone levels are still low, we suspect, the mating will be delayed until the middle of next week.


Revloch Cause for Applause




20.February 2014:

Juhuu!! 1,5 month to late, but now Cira has got her heat! Next week hopefully will be the mating ;-)

Neo Kaspian_vom_Lambertshuegel




15. February 2014:

All are still waiting for Cira`s heat. In the meantime, I shot some nice pics of Neo.

German Champion VDH Revloch Cause for Applause




30. January 2014:

Now it is official! Our little irish princess Revloch Cause for Applause `Cira`got the title "German Champion VDH". We are so proud!

`Cira`Revloch Cause for Applause



22th of January 2014:

We are still waiting for Cira`s heat. She gives time to herself ;-)

7th of January 2014:

We are waiting for Cira`s heat. Is "mother nature" in time?

13th of October 2013:

Now it is official! Our litter plan is fixed. To read more about, click "Litter plans".

Revloch Cause for Applause

12th./13th of October 2013:

Cira won at the international/ Bundessieger Dog Show in Dortmund, Open class two times EXC1 and CAC/CACIB. Now she got her last point for German Champion VDH!! We are so proud!


11th of October 2013:

We are happy to announce, that the father of our A-Litter will be our own male "Neo" Kaspian vom Lambertshügel. We are very happy :-)

October 2013

Our homepage is online for the first time.


29th of September 2013

Our kennel name was approved. We are called now "Stefnic`s Belgier".